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Orinoco -

Thank you Rosie, long answers are always welcome here!

It has always been intended to be a panel show of sorts as can be seen from Emily's announcement of the first Old Skool in 2012.

For me part of the Old Skool's appeal has been that it is an intimate affair. If the audience was much bigger I think it would lose some of that charm.

Interesting that you didn't feel beforehand. It was also in the info booklet & on the workshop board :P This probably highlights two different ends of the spectrum plan their time at a BJC. I generally look at all the events going on & then go juggling if there is nothing I fancy going to. Whereas I think your default position is to hang out in the main hall & it takes something special to pull you away from it, does that sound correct? What would be the best way to let you know about events happening at the BJC?

Also for your info Cedric Lackpot here is the Old Skool host guy!


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